14 Jan 2019

The special ritual

It may be fair to say, that few of us can stay indifferent to the little joys and rituals of beauty. Perhaps it is all the iridescent powders, satin smooth lipsticks, soft makeup brushes, and myriads of little glass packages containing the essence of beauty from what seems to be thousands of different flowers, each calling your name.

And it is this world of beauty that became a passion for many of us at Kissed By Light Studio. Our boudoir photo sessions always include a personal time with a talented makeup artist, who uses some of the most coveted and celebrated products in the industry, to create your very own and unforgettable look. Our guests enjoy this very special beauty time with a glass of sparkling, in front of our signature vanity table, meant to help them feel like a star of their own Hollywood film.

Our beautiful guest Ms. M. had a day dedicated just to herself, as she enjoyed the studio’s boudoir created especially for her. Starting from her look to each and every setup, everything was customized to portray her tastes and warm personality. We are excited to share this elegant and feminine photo session with you.

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