17 Nov 2020

The question of inspiration


What happens when you decide to go ahead with a photo session but are completely unsure how you would like it to look?

The truth is, even if you believe yourself not to have a single artistic bone in your body, everybody, and we mean EVERYBODY has a creative streak. And the key to awaken it is through inspiration. Just looking through past boudoir sessions, you will find yourself leaning towards certain moods, poses, color schemes, and set ups. Before you know it, the photos that spoke to you the most can make up an entire mood board that reflects your personal style and the eye for aesthetic. And then there are the little themes that can highlight your personality. Opting for some sporty, minimalist lingerie along with a few strong poses can show your athletic side, while including a few whimsical lace looks paired with our signature cloud and flowers set ups can portray the romantic in you. Add a few classic black and white looks, and you now have Femme Fatale style photos that never go out of style. Just make sure not to spread yourself too thin – when deciding on your favorite looks, select the ones that captivate you the most and our creative director will create custom variations based on them.

But you may still wonder, would following inspirational images make your session look a bit copycat?

One of the most rewarding and important skills gained in photography is a special ability to portray a person’s inner world just by capturing their appearance. It is the kind of photos that look at you and speak a thousand words, and it is what we always strive for at Kissed By Light. What’s more, over the years, we learnt that even if two different women wear exactly the same lingerie sets, they would not only look different, but would also retain their unique character, making the entire session their own, because one’s identity is never just the outfits and the creative direction, but so much more. We learnt how to take inspiration and adjust it to the subject, so it may reflect their individuality without borrowing someone else’s.

And, today, we wanted to share with you one of our lovely sessions from the past! Our beatiful muse Miss A. looks charming, elegant, and very unique in this classic boudoir shoot. Featuring a variety of looks, from edgy to soft and feminine, this photo series is absolutely wonderful and we hope that you enjoy it!



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