24 Sep 2019

The most special gift

We think many ladies would agree – if you ever find yourself typing in google search “Unique gift for husband/fiancee/boyfriend for (insert occasion)?” you are in for some disappointment and a laugh. And when, at last, a sense of futility kicks in after reading such suggestions as “USB cufflinks”, “Exploding Kittens Card Game” (nope, not joking) and “Beer Brewing Kit” and all the usual lists of cigars, decanters, and ties, you realise that all may be lost. But we will let you in on a little secret that the lovely muses of Kissed By Light share – they know that perhaps one of the best gifts is none other than a boudoir album! Some of our ladies even do a new boudoir session for their husband every year, updating their collection of albums. And it brings our team a great joy to hear the many wonderful stories and feedbacks on the gifts we helped create for anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings.

One of our lovely muses, Miss S, had exactly the same idea and has prepared for her husband an incredible boudoir album! Her photos are full of joyous charm and elegance, each truly captivating. Every little detail made her photos look absolutely marvellous – from her amazing lingerie selection to the gorgeous set ups, everything has played a big part in creating the beautiful feel and look of this session. We had a great time working on these photos with Miss S and, soon after, we were very excited to hear that the gift proved a great success with her husband!

And, without further ado, we are happy to share a little peak into this beautiful photo session!

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