18 Jun 2012

Sweet Fairy

We would like to totally brag – we are blessed with best clients ever. Saying this completely honestly. Each is a different type of inspiration – from the nature-loving and outdoor goddess, to a loving wife, to the most enthusiastic and flirty bride, to a gorgeous both athletically and spiritually outstanding sugar fairy. Thank you so much for sharing your most positive sides of you with us, you inspire us.
One of our latest muses has completely been spoiling us with her love and attention, and her latest gift was a box of Ice Cream Chocolates collection from Godiva. Oh My! Delicious! It’s hard to leave each piece, and enjoy one at a time. Thank you so much for your love!
It was a huge pleasure to work with her, and we’ll post some images from our boudoir photo shoot very soon!
Art, love, beauty.

Stay Fabulous,

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