16 Aug 2022

Striking beauty



Due to the nature of our profession, Kissed By Light team is always looking to stay on top of all the recent trends in beauty. Be it makeup, hair styling, photography techniques, or special set ups, we work hard to stay informed and expand our skills! But when it comes to our favorite boudoir sessions, classic and timeless are our absolute favorite genres, for, as we know, trends pass, but elegance always remains in style. Our makeup artists have developed special techniques that ephasize beauty without being over the top, while our photography team has been developing poses, set ups, and style combinations that look elegant with different body types and complexions. All of our work is centred on the idea that boudoir photos should remain beautiful beyond time, a pleasure to preserve and share even after many years go by. Afterall, we only do so many boudoir sessions in a lifetime, so we think that this investment and unique experience needs to be designed with that importance in mind.

When we recently had the pleasure of working with gorgeous Miss N, we wanted to capture her beauty and style in the best way possible. Our makeup artist worked with her to create a striking, beautiful look, one that highlights her amazing features and adds a touch of elegant drama to her overall style. They went for a dramatic cat eye complimented by natural lips and brows, along with lovely tousled curls. For her outfits, Miss N. brought some striking lingerie which we complimented with our favorite set ups. We went from light and airy nude looks to the more dramatic, moody ones set with our darker background. This lovely change of styles gave this session some beautiful variety, yet remained elegant throughout.

We hope that you enjoy this striking photo series!

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