14 May 2016

Spring Afternoon Boudoir

To put it simply, women are complex creatures. One woman can be a cute girl-next-door one day and a femme fatale the next, combining many characters into her personality. She simply cannot be defined by just one of them. Our photography studio is where our muses can unleash their alter egos and be anyone they wish to be! In our Investment Guide we call it “looks” or outfit changes, but essentially it is so much more – it is a change of a set, mood, atmosphere, mindset, as well as a different photography style. All of our photoshoot packages always include more than one “look”, because we find that just one outfit change is limiting and that we need at least two different sets to be able to capture and encompass the beauty and personality of one woman. We love exploring various character aspects with photography, either complex or very straightforward, it is always a creative challenge that we anticipate and welcome. For this photoshoot, our beautiful muse, Miss L, brought very different outfits. The wardrobe she chose reflected her interests and her lovely personality, allowing her to express herself – from soft and sensual, to edgy and sporty.

Enjoy our selection!


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