11 Feb 2022

Spice it up!


It’s that time of year when colors pink and red quietly yet surely start to take over Toronto stores and web banners. Little roses and chocolates start to pop up from everywhere and you find yourself thinking just how are you going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?! Businesses at large are offering a variety of what one might call generic love offerings in pink, decorated in hearts, maybe held by plush bears. But, in our experience, love comes in all shapes, forms, and, of course, colors, and so, if pink or red are not your colors, you are probably looking for a more unique and personalised gift. At Kissed By Light, we enjoy the month leading up to Valentine’s Day, because it is the time we prepare some creative Valentine’s Day gifts from our lovely clients. We often do many different boudoir sessions this time of year, each very unique to it’s own muse – some wear bright, striking lingerie and capture their flirty side, some opt in for the romantic mood and florals, and some make it spicy in one of our favorite colors – black! It is always very fun to explore the wilder side of love and try out a more dramatic setting, some unique accessories, and maybe even take a bit of a bdsm approach, capturing those “I am a slave for your love” kind of shots? Why not?! We really love capturing such styles and experimenting with the set ups, creating that sultry mood in every photo.

We had one such session with one of our lovely muses in the past, and we would like to share some of the beautiful photos that we captured together! Take a look, see if it perhaps inspires you to take some spicy photos for yourself and take a new approach to this Valentine’s Day!


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