02 Jul 2019

Special gift

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
– Lao Tzu

No matter how strong, resilient, and brave we may be, there are times when we could all use some support and love. Be it family we were given or a family we have built, there may be nothing quiet as precious as a care of the loved ones. A photo studio like Kissed By Light sees many couples, families, and friendships that commemorate special moments and help lift each other up with a gift of a photo session. It’s just the little things, but our team strongly values the transformative and pampering part of the photo session experience, with each day becoming a dedication to all the wonderful women that we get to meet.

And just recently, we had a pleasure of working with lovely Ms. B. Her husband wanted to surprise and uplift her with the gift of a photo session that would celebrate Ms. B. and create photos that would always serve as a reminder of just how special and beautiful she always is. A loving mother and wife, Ms. B. is beautiful both inside and out, and our team wanted to ensure that her personality shines through in each and every shot. Ms. B. and our photographer Daria had a wonderful time creating this collection of photographs, and it is with great pleasure that we share this little peak with you!

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