28 Oct 2021

She said yes!


Over many years of studio’s work, we got to capture and be present ahead of some of our dear clients’ greatest, most wonderful celebrations. Milestones that truely make life special and are to be remembered for many years to come. Brides getting their bridal boudoir photos ready ahead of their big day, mothers to be getting ready to welcome their baby, families capturing a moment in time before children grow up, ladies starting a new business, and many many more. But, sometimes, we don’t just get to put together a photo session ahead of an important moment but also capture a happy occasion just as it happens right in our studio!

We had the pleasure of being present for one such event recently when we planned a boudoir session for lovely Miss S. She came to capture some boudoir photos for herself and a few portraits with her boyfriend. But she didn’t know that her boyfriend was planning a big surprise during the session and prepared a proposal! We have arranged for a signal and the right time with him to ensure everything goes smoothly and Miss S didn’t suspect… And it was a great success! We got to capture this moment just as it happened and create a formal look for the newly engaged couple to make the announcement! It was a great pleasure working with Miss S. and her fiance, and, if we may add, a great honour that we were chosen to be a part of such an important moment in their lives! We wish the lovely couple great happiness as they embark on this new journey!

And, for our readers, we have put together a few photos from the happy occasion!



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