Second Nature

Jan 23, 2019Boudoir & Lingerie

Second Nature

“Seduction is at its finest when it’s nonchalant.” – Dita Von Teese

Effortless sensuality lies at the very heart of striking and remarkable boudoir imagery. It’s the Je ne sais quoi, a special feeling that we meticulously create in each and every set up, that gives our photos their meaning and the signature Kissed By Light style. But many women, our very own staff included, sometimes wonder and worry just how well and natural would we look in the photos. A question that inevitably lurks in one’s mind when they arch their back in front of a camera in a lingerie set…

But it is this very question that our creative director and founder has dedicated herself to answering for any woman that finds herself in front of our camera. Every set up and every pose are carefully thought through for our subjects, each found and perfected throughout many years of experience. And while one might think there isn’t an awful lot of natural in posing for a camera, our photographers know how to make it anyone’s second nature.

Here is our stunning Ms. E, who is an inspiration to all of us at Kissed By Light. This charming lady is not only a beautiful femme fatale, but also a successful single mother of three kids! Her sparkling personality and style shine through and add their own unforgettable character to the photos. We are very excited and happy to share this wonderful photo session with you!