11 Aug 2020



Once in a while, we like to look to the past for inspiration – afterall, they say that fashion is cyclical and so are the photography trends. In these pleasant recollections, we get to see how far along we came and get reminded of the little things that we used to love but simply forgot. We get to rediscover all of the favorite props that used to grace many of our photos, but found their way into the depths of storage, and beautiful boudoir looks that became replaced in our wardrobe by their more modern alternatives. These little details make photo sessions all the more special and deserve to be brought back out occasionally.

Recently, we rediscovered a wonderful past session we did with our gorgeous muse Miss A. This photo series breathes the spirit of the classic boudoir with its lacy, elegant lingerie looks, and a mix of moody interior set ups in an oldfashioned, New York style loft. Note the beautiful fashion portraits that became a part of this shoot and the recurring turquoise color that gives a beautiful pop of color throughout. After looking through these photos, we now want to bring back out the string of pearls and the playful tulle skirt that are featured here for some of our next boudoir sessions!

We hope that you enjoy looking though this photo series with us!

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