25 Feb 2020

Remembering Valentine’s Day


This year, Valentine’s day was gone so soon, and now we feel it is a shame that the day meant to celebrate love comes only once a year! The traditions surrounding its celebrations are all in all wonderful: from gifting each other flowers to spending a little extra time with your special someone, or treating yourself to some well deserved and long overdue pampering, these and many other gestures should most certainly be repeated at least on a weekly basis! Although, if you ask us, we would enjoy pampering and flowers every day! But not all is lost, after all, we do have photography handy to capture the spirit of this day and preserve its wonderful memories! This is why we always like to make Valentine’s Day boudoir a little extra special and reflect the day’s romantic aesthetic.

For this Valentine’s day, lovely Miss L has come to our studio to create a series of spectacular boudoir photos, and we couldn’t be happier to jump to the task! Signature red colors of the Valentine’s day came in handy for many of the shots, and whats more, we were very proud to finally reveal one of our new set ups – rich red sheets featuring rose petals! Perhaps it reminds you of one very famous movie scene? And Miss L absolutely sparkled in every capture, making each photo so very special!

And now, we are very excited to share a little peak into some of the photos from her unforgettable boudoir!


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