13 Jan 2022

Queen of hearts


There are undoubtedly many things to miss during this new lockdown… All the special occasions, going out, playing dress up, and so much more. But there is a silver lining in all clouds, and we think this one is really no different! We are coming across more and more stories of growth, transformation, and opportunity in our lovely clients! Some are exploring new hobbies or go in depth on their existing ones, take more avid care of health and fitness, and explore new career directions and opportunities. Truely it has been a time of self care, setting new priorities, and unapologetically going for what you truly want! We had some wonderful business portrait sessions for ladies that have decided to take the dive and start something new, and boudoir sessions to celebrate great fitness achievements and, of course, some fantastic fashion finds. We hope that this lockdown may bring us some new reasons to celebrate as we find strength and beauty in this New Year!

And, to help us all feel extra motivated on this fine January afternoon, we would like to share the latest session with our lovely and inspiring Miss T! Our returning muse (in fact, we posted her last session with us around the same time 3 years ago) has come back to capture some new great looks and add fresh photos to her boudoir collection! A mother of 3 children (yes, 3, its not a typo!) and a great fitness enthusiast, she continues to look better every year and raise the bar high!

We are very excited to share a peak into her latest boudoir photos and hope that they inspire and motivate you as much as they do for us!

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