03 Feb 2017

Purple Boudoir

Whether as a gift to someone special or a gift to yourself, our boudoir photoshoots are like celebrations – of individuality, beauty, femininity and sensuality. Our lovely muse, Miss F, has booked her photoshoot with our studio for her birthday to celebrate herself. Miss F was very shy and humble when she walked into our studio and said she’d never been in front of a professional camera before, but always wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot. We’ve designed and personalized the sets for this photoshoot by using plenty of accents in Miss F’s favourite colour, purple. While our stylist helped to put the outfits and sets together, our photographer worked with Miss F to create a set of poses to reflect her individuality and emphasize our muses beautiful curves. Relaxed, Miss F let her confidence and lovely personality shine through the images.

Enjoy our selection!


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