Plant Based Bride

Oct 13, 2016Boudoir & Lingerie, Bridal Boudoir

Plant Based Bride

We were thrilled to do a bridal boudoir photoshoot in our studio for a distinguished blogger ( and vegan lifestyle advocate, Elizabeth. Besides being an active promoter of veganism, our beautiful muse is also a professional dancer. During the photoshoot, she brought dance elements into the session, helping us to achieve dynamic and airy images that captured the happiness of a young bride-to-be. Our muse’s selection of lingerie for the photoshoot was gorgeous – from Victoria’s Secret sets to a vintage veil, worn by our muse’s grandmother on her wedding day. This unique piece added an element of timelessness and a special meaning to our series with the veil.

When presented with an album of photographs from the photo session on the day of the wedding, Elizabeth’s fiancé’s reaction was absolutely priceless! Luckily, his reaction was filmed by his best man – scroll down or follow the link to see it!: Husband’s reaction.

Make sure to check out Elizabeth’s comprehensive guide on becoming a vegan on her blog ( and useful healthy tips on her youtube channel (Plant Based Bride YouTube)!

Enjoy our selection!


And here is a surprise reaction of our muse’s husband-to-be to his special Wedding Day gift: