16 Jul 2020

One of a kind birthday gift



Many a time, finding a birthday gift is a complicated affair, especially when it is for that special someone in our life. Afterall, even if great poets sometimes had hard time putting love into words, how do we put it into a gift, year after year? If there is one thing that we have learnt over the years is that experiences are often worth far more than any object. They shape and change us, shining light on feelings and ideas we haven’t yet encountered, creating memories that we may carry on as souvenirs through our life. And if that experience gives us a boost of confidence, then it’s all the more valuable for years to come. Among many gift options, boudoir photography is certainly a special one, and being its proud purveyor, we got to create many transformatiove experiences throughout years of our operation. Each time our sessions are gifted, we couldn’t be more excited to take on this responsibility, creating a gift that may be cherished for years to come.

We couldn’t be more excited when we got the opportunity to create a boudoir session for lovely Miss T as a birthday gift from her husband. This session turned out to be very special and Miss T looked absolutely stunning in each and every look. With many classic boudoir elements, light textures, and airy feel, this photo series is very special to us and we are excited to share a little peak with you!

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