22 Apr 2016

One Ballerina’s Dream

As our followers have probably noticed, we LOVE working with creative women! When creative souls team up, magic happens and beauty is conceived. Creative women inspire us, show us new artistic directions and challenge us to push ourselves professionally. Everyone is born with a talent, and incorporating it into our photoshoots produces results that are unique and unexpected. That is why we were thrilled to photograph a photo session with a professional ballerina, beautiful Miss A, in our photo studio. Miss A’s endless energy, elegance, flexibility, natural beauty and lively personality made this photoshoot a breeze to photograph! Graceful, soft and sensual, the photoshoot turned into a dreamy fashion editorial story. Thank you for being our muse, Miss A.

Follow this link to see our BEHIND THE SCENES video from this unique photoshoot: One Ballerina’s Dream Video.

Enjoy our selection!


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