On the wild side

Feb 11, 2020Boudoir & Lingerie

On the wild side


In the world of boudoir and, frankly, any photography, one may wonder ahead of their shoot: “Would it look too risque if I show my sensuality and wear revealing looks?”

As perhaps with any daring idea, the edge between ostentatious and classic is a fine one to walk. It relies heavily on execution and years of experience of the photographer in question. A passion let loose without appropriate reigns to capture it may altogether turn the results sour, as we have observed all too often in raunchy photos circulating in magazines and online. But over the years of extensive experience, we have learnt that passionate photos can look truly captivating and timeless, capturing the wilder side in all its extravagant beauty.

Be it a unique, wild look, or an interesting alter ego that you keep hidden, to be revealed only to the ones closest to you, passionate ideas deserve to be captured because, many a time, they help create the most beautifully captivating shots. This is why we encourage our subjects to be daring, to embrace their hidden desires, and let them be immortalized through the art of photography.

Today, we are sharing with you a wonderful collaboration between our head photographer and studio’s friend Miss L. Together, they have captured a wilder kind of beauty, one that captivates with its passion and doesn’t leave one indifferent. We hope that you enjoy this creative series and get inspired to embrace your own wilder side!