06 Nov 2012

New Product

In our digital era, we are growing more and more accustomed to digital copies of our photographs. We share them online with friends and family, post them on social networks, etc. Digital photographs are easy and convenient, but there is one important thing that is missing from the world of digital photographs – the sensation of touch when you open a photo album or a photo book. Only when printed and held in one’s hands photographs become alive. They can have a pearl surface, or feel smooth and gentle to the touch like a textured print. We, the artists of Kissed by Light, value the old-as-time tradition of having a photo print that you can hang up on the wall, or give it as a precious gift to the one you love.

Only this season we have a Holiday Promotion, which allows you to have photo shoot at our studio and in the end receive 3 beautiful prints of yourself! Allow yourself the pleasure of having a beautiful gift – a Photo Print that will project your beauty for many years to come.

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