10 Sep 2019

New lingerie brand is in town!

We have had a great pleasure of working on many different projects in the past, each time learning something completely new. From creative collaborations and editorials to various advertisements, each photo session has given our team an invaluable learning experience, not to mention that it is always a pleasure to work with talented people from different industries! This time, we had the honour to work with a new lingerie brand “Temptations Avenue”. As the brand was preparing for the launch, we got the opportunity to capture their entire collection of lingerie. Unique and sensual, this collection completely stands out from the rest, and need we say, looks fantastic in every shot!

Whats more, we are very happy to say that our readers exclusively get a 25% discount for their purchase of any of the brand’s sets using discount code KBL25 at checkout! See more of this collection on their website:

And, of course, as always, we have prepared a little sneak peak into the behind the scenes of this shoot for you!

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