30 Nov 2017

New Dawn, New Life

The best part of our job is that on a daily basis, gorgeous, remarkable women walk through our studio doors and we feel very lucky to get to know them on a personal level. Many share their unique stories and life experiences with us, which is the biggest honour and reward we can hope for. Our latest muse, stunning Miss D, booked her boudoir photoshoot with our studio to celebrate herself, her freedom and life after a divorce. During her photoshoot, she was glowing, full of beautiful energy and love of life, being one of the happiest and confident women we’ve seen in our studio. We hope that you get inspired and empowered, just like we did, by our muse’s dazzling energy, sparkle in her eyes and attitude towards life, shining through every photograph from this gorgeous boudoir photo session.

Enjoy our selection!


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Kissed by Light