03 Dec 2018

Maternal beauty



Our lives are often filled with different momentous milestones, each changing us, shaping our future. But to mothers, there is perhaps nothing quiet as life changing as the experience of pregnancy. Its beauty and transformative experience inspire some of our most striking shots, as we try to capture the incredible emotions of the mothers to be. And motherhood’s otherworldly beauty is behind the main theme of our photo session with the unforgettable Miss N.

The gift of maternity connects us to something bigger than ourselves, showing us a reflection of something truly timeless and extraordinary. With such thoughts we wanted to approach this photography session and create shots that reflect the ethereal beauty of pregnancy. Flowing fabrics, gentle light, play of shadows – every detail has come to play its role in creating imagery worth of its subject. And the beautiful muse Miss N. has shone bright in every shot with her kind smile, grace, and striking eyes.

We are very happy to say that Miss N. has given birth to her precious little baby boy since our maternity photo session with her, and we had a chance to see him for her recent family photo session! He is incredibly charming and we loved creating their beautiful family photos! Here are some of our favourite shots.

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