Lady in black

Feb 23, 2023Boudoir & Lingerie

Lady in black



There is really nothing like a beautiful lingerie set that hugs you in all the right places to boost confidence and reaffirm that inner fire we all have within us (even if we don’t often show it). But if you add a boudoir photo session into the equation… that’s when the magic happens! How do we know? We’ve seen it happen time and time again! This is when you get to be THE lady you’ve always imagined is effortlessly beautiful, sexy, confident, and empowered, but one that perhaps you don’t always think you can be. You get to see yourself with a fabulous hairstyle, with your favorite makeup style (perhaps the kind you never dared to try to do yourself but always admired in magazines), and in a pair of heels that perhaps you wouldn’t always walk in, but makes your legs look amazing! And when you add some professionally designed posing into the equation along with beautiful light, elegant setups, and a talented photographer you get something that makes you really look twice and think “Wow, I really am quite something!”. There is really no better way to impress yourself than to push the boundaries of your daily comfort zone and be a woman you only usually just dream of being, even if only for one day! Because when you try it once, you always carry the spark it brings with you, and having some photos to remind you is also great! In fact, it can be very refreshing to browse an album and gush at yourself for once instead of random models in a magazine!

Our lovely muses can attest to this and love adding more photos into their boudoir collection! One of our returning muses Miss J. had just the idea recently, when she came to the studio to capture some new lingerie looks and settings. She picked out some really fabulous looks for her session – classic black lace sets, black leather, a little something with a sparkle, and a couple of fantastic red lace sets. In this photo set, we strived for the look of a truly decadent boudoir setting, complete with crystal chandelier, satin sheets, and Victorian furniture. Miss J. looks absolutely amazing in these settings and her personal style really shines through!

We hope that you enjoy this photo series and feel inspired to be the woman you dream of today, perhaps even to don your most beautiful lingerie!

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