13 Nov 2019

Kissed By Light Mornings

It’s truly fascinating how a different time of day can completely transform the meaning behind the same places, clothes, people… You could walk down the same street in the early morning hours and at dusk, and see an entirely different scene each time. It is no wonder that many of the world’s best painters have often painted the same scenes in different times of day in order to better grasp the light’s magic! Of all the different types of light, Kissed By Light style is certainly dedicated to the gentle, clear mornings and bright, airy afternoons. This type of natural light tends to reveal a kind of clear, genuine, and honest beauty in every woman we had the pleasure of capturing in the past. And it is this very type of light that our studio owes its name to!

One of these mornings, we had a pleasure of working with the lovely and absolutely charming Miss M. She came to us to capture a boudoir series that reflect her personality and her passion for dancing! An avid dancer in the past, her poses reflected the years of experience behind her. Capturing some of our signature shots, including morning boudoir in bed, we worked exclusively with our signature natural light, to create this stunning photo series!

We are very excited to show you a little peak into Miss M’s incredible boudoir photos!

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  • Erlinda Boisvert p:

    Hello, I was looking of getting some erotic pics done for my husband. What is the cost or do you have packages you can purchase?

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