Inspiration, Muse

Jun 16, 2012Boudoir & Lingerie, Fine Art Nude

Inspiration, Muse

Beauty, strength, femininity, kindness, and inspiration – these are the words that instantly come to mind when thinking about Lady H., one of our latest clients that we were honoured to photograph. Once meeting her one unmistakably feels: she is in love with life, Universe’s beauty and energy, and her (lucky) husband, to whom she made an amazing gift for their anniversary – an intimate book of her boudoir photographs.

These photos glorify her beautiful athletic body and femininity all at once. Her humour, kindness and character are captured in her smile, her eyes, and fleeting moments of her body movements. One of our favourites is the artistic nude photo with many crystals surrounding her body – just a muse off the Michelangelo’s fresko!

Thank you so much for letting us share your photos! You are inspiration!

Stay Beautiful and In Love,