04 Aug 2016

His Shirt

Sometimes you don’t need an elaborate outfit to achieve a boudoir look and classy, sensual photographs. When getting ready for a boudoir photoshoot, many of our muses are concerned which outfits to bring to the studio. Some wonder what type of lingerie would work best for their boudoir photo session, what to do if their home lingerie collection does not seem sufficient enough and whether they should buy a few new sets of bras and bodysuits (after all, a photoshoot is a great excuse to update the wardrobe!). Not everyone has a large collection of lingerie at home, or is able to spend hours scouting lingerie boutiques for unique outfits. While we strongly recommend to bring a variety of outfits to the shoot (lace, silk, classic lingerie pieces all work very well for our boudoir sessions and we love photographing unique pieces too! – see our Shopping Guide article), sometimes less is more and one simple item such as a dress shirt, a cozy cardigan, stretchy t-shirt or a blazer can make as much of a statement as an intricate lingerie outfit. For our boudoir photoshoot with a beautiful blue eyed muse, Miss M, we’ve mostly used just one outfit – her partner’s dress shirt in basic white and a pair of plain white panties. It proved to be one of the most versatile and sexy outfits, which allowed us plenty of room for creativity. Miss M’s natural beauty and sweet personality shined through every image and the simplicity of the outfit only highlighted her most beautiful features. Thank you for being our muse, Miss M!

Enjoy our selection!


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