Goddess, Glorified.

Jun 7, 2012Boudoir & Lingerie, Fine Art Nude

Goddess, Glorified.

Here at KISSED BY LIGHT our mission is to make every woman feel beautiful. Every. Woman. Beautiful. (and every husband feel lucky, as by-product!). We are very happy to share these artistic nude photographs from our recent session with amazing Lady R. (thank you so much for letting us share them!) and very excited to share her letter (below) about goddess-liberating and confidence-boosting experience of boudoir photography.
Lady R. planned a secret boudoir photo session with us as an intimate gift for her husband and herself in a form of a beautiful fine-art wall print capturing uniqueness and appreciating the beauty of her body. Mission accomplished! We are so so happy to have been a part of this very important experience for her, and it’s been a true pleasure to spend time with this kind, positive, and loving woman.
She’s a light, she’s a goddess, caring mother, and a wonderful wife.

Thank you Lady R, you are fantastic!

“I decided I wanted to give a gift to my husband that would reflect the love I feel for him and the appreciation I have for how he has helped me to become the woman I am; an artistic nude print seemed the perfect gift. But I was terrified of putting myself in front of a camera. While searching the web for a photographer, a line on the kissed by light web site, “Every stage of womanhood is wonderful while having its own dimension ” caught my attention; I figured that if a company was interested in celebrating women’s bodies throughout the life course, I could feel comfortable there.

From beginning to end, the experience with Lora and Olga was both extremely professional and comfortable; the experience for me? Life changing.

I was nervous about all aspects. Making contact, choosing things to wear, having my makeup done, not to mention doing the photoshoot itself! Olga’s assistance prior to the shoot and during was wonderful. Her friendliness and honest conversation made it easy to relax and enjoy myself.

Lora is an exceptional artist. Her quiet nature, warmth and sincerity is immediately obvious and helped me to relax. I simply trusted her and recognized immediately that I was in the hands of a professional and that it would be best to just offer myself as a blank canvas.

Lora and Olga’s combined talents and gifts – friendliness, humour, patience, professionalism, kindness and warmth – helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin, and enjoy the experience. I was glowing by the end of the shoot!!!!

I was so nervous to see the pictures!!!! I knew they would be technically good, but they were of me and I was seriously concerned that they would reflect only what I see when I look in the mirror. What was amazing for me was to see myself through someone else’s “eyes”. It was at once shocking and life affirming!! I just didn’t see myself in the way the photos captured. If I was glowing after the photo shoot, I was practically incandescent after seeing the photos!!!!!

The experience has given me a swagger to my step, a different confidence, a belief in myself that I didn’t have before. That is a real gift, and I am thankful to the depths of my soul. Thank you is such an insufficient phrase, as it doesn’t really begin to encapsulate fully how profound this experience has been for me. A life gift.

Lady R.”