French Кiss

Apr 30, 2012Boudoir & Lingerie

French Кiss

This past fall I had a pleasure of photographing this young lady. Her youthful beauty is radiating, is so pure, gentle and sensual.
In this photoshoot we used lingerie, silk shirt (I love cute polka dot and made some photos with implied nudity. (For implied nude boudoir photography you don’t have to actually be nude, creation of the illusion of nudity is art form in itself!)

It’s amazing how the energy of the woman will change over her life. And at each lingerie photo session we feel the ‘hero’ of her spirit and photos – whether it’s youthfulness of young age, sass of the twenties, tease of thirties, and ultimate confidence of her forties and fifties. It’s amazing! That makes me look at myself differently, reflect on my own changes in perceptions, philosophy and behaviour.

Now, layer that with the differences in personalities from woman to woman, and unique curves of each body, and you get each session being not like the other. That’s why we love talking to you before photographing, finding out what makes you (and your loved one) tick, and creating personable experience and imagery. This is also part of experience for us, being your artist, your boudoir and portraiture photographer, uhm, and maybe your partner-in-crime.

Stay Fabulous,