15 Jan 2020

Fitness goals


Two weeks into the New Year and some of us have yet to get started on those resolution lists… Needless to say, these cold winter months (and all that extra holiday weight) can make your bright and wonderful goals seem like rather distant glimmers of hope. And to add to that, it is hard to come by motivation as winter fun is often directly or indirectly related to food and relaxation – whether it is apr├Ęs-ski or a family get together, somehow everything and anything revolves around delicious foods. And whenever such thoughts come to mind, you can’t help but feel the impending doom coming closer (a.k.a. bikini season). But we need not worry because we have some of the most inspiring ladies as our muses who show us time and time again what wonderful results one may get if goals are put into concrete plans!

Recently, we had an absolute pleasure of working with the lovely Miss K! She came to us to create a few series of photos, among which were also some fitness inspired shots. We found out that while she has a successful full time career, she is also an avid fitness enthusiast participating in body building competitions! At the time of our shoot, she was just preparing for a competition (which by the way she has won since then) and we were honored to commemorate her achievement! Beauty inside and out, her photos sparkle with personality and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome! And today, we are very excited to share these incredibly inspiring photos with you!


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