28 Sep 2021

Experience that counts



We often wonder just what is that golden formula of a truly valuable experience. For some, it is something that creates happy memories to cherish for years to come, for others, it may be the transformation that takes place inside them during the event. Many people have very different ideas of where true value lies in the experiences that they seek, but we often find that one of the biggest ones is the self discovery that takes place. Traveling, going to events, spending time with friends and family, exploring new places – the best of these experiences tend to be the ones that reveal to us who we are and make us better. With this thought in mind, we always try to make our photography experience most and foremost one of self discovery and liberation. Many women have first walked into our studio with feelings of self doubt, that told them that they are not beautiful enough, not slim enough, not curvy enough, not photogenic enough, not sexy enough. Through our work together and the experience of a photo session, they walked out with photos that spoke to them not only that they are good enough, but that they are perfect just the way they are. It is what we strive to as a team and what truly makes our work so very special to us.

Recently, we had a great pleasure of working with lovely Miss K. She came to our studio to treat herself to a special experience and capture some beautiful photos, of course. We wanted to celebrate her and create a unique and memorable session, with photos that may empower and make her feel confident. Miss K already had some wonderful looks that she selected for her session, which we completed with shoes from our collection. We think that the photos turned out absolutely lovely and Miss K looks absolutely stunning!

We hope that you enjoy this photo series!


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