16 May 2012

Excited! New Location Soon!

As at June 1 2012 our photo studio will be located in Toronto area “Junction”. We are so excited!

The place is perfect – spacious yet cozy, with huge industrial windows, brick walls, and easily accessible by transport (free parking!) and TTC public transit.

We are watching our new baby being built from scratch. The first time we came we saw a huge open space, and were given a floor plan by the builder. We chose two neighbouring units to make our one photo studio. We went there yesterday again to see the progress. The walls are up and being sanded, the wooden ceiling and floors are sandblasted and refinished, and the wood provides a nice warm atmosphere in the studio.
Our windows will face West, and since they are not facing any buildings but endless sky, we’ll watch beautiful sunsets, and I bet we’ll incorporate that in our photography!
Here are a couple of photos that we want to share with you.

So, oh so excited!


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