05 May 2022

Dare to be creative



Our team absolutely loves style experimentations that often go into our photo sessions! Perhaps it is the thrill of exploring new possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what we have already done or maybe it is simply the kind of creative outlet that everyone needs to experience once in a while. All in all, opportunities are abound when you have a muse, a great makeup artist, and a talented photographer to work together and collaborate on something truly special! This is one of the reasons why ahead of each session, we recommend looking through potential style ideas on the web (or our Pinterest page and Instagram), in order to conceptualize some possibilities. And then we advise putting together a few more looks than included in the package of choice, so that together with our team, final outfit decisions can be adjusted and made, looks can be matched up with studio’s accessories, and set ups can be put together to tie everything in. It is a creative process that is really a lot of fun and not as intimidating as it may seem, especially for a photography first timer! That is something that our returning muses can attest to – with each passing session, this creative process becomes all the more fun as any doubts are replaced with confidence and artisitic self-realisation.

Marvellous Miss O. is one of our such dear returning muses and a great creative! Over the years, we have had some spectacular photo sessions together (see them here – Being Yourself and  Treat Yourself Right), each more interesting and creative than the other! An avid jewellery and fashion lover, she brings some fantastic statement pieces to photo sessions with her. Together, we collaborate to match the looks, expand on their theme, and design some unique set ups to highlight the overall style. This session, we have created a dramatic makeup look to go with her beautiful purple hair style, that added a certain retro element to her bold and moder look. And then a mix of old-fashioned and contemporary set ups have been created to highlight every unique ourfit!

We hope that you enjoy this fabulous photo series and feel inspired to experiment in your next photo session!

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  • Natalia p:

    Stunning images ! Style, character and playfulness …. ❤️

  • Michaelcef p:

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