05 Mar 2019

Treat yourself right

We believe that at this day and age, many would agree that the importance of experiences is often greater than that of the material goods. They shape us, influence our growth, and make up some of life’s most valuable lessons. Now, more than ever, we try to invest into memories, experiences, and discoveries. A pair of shoes or a beautiful purse may make you happy for a day or two, but there is nothing quiet like beautiful memories to keep and share with your loved ones. And as you may have guessed it, we are certainly advocates of photography when it comes to capturing and preserving the precious and personal memories! There is quiet nothing like celebrating yourself, your style, your beauty, and of course, preserving it in a series of beautiful photographs.

It has become a tradition for some of our clients, to come back, year after year, as they have new occasions or new ideas to celebrate. We were thrilled to have our wonderful Miss O. return to Kissed By Light studio with more unique ideas and tremendous styles. You may see her previous shoot here – Being Yourself

This time, inspired by the incredible Marlene Dietrich, Miss O’s creative direction took us on a new fun journey, as we experimented with outfits, set ups, beautiful handmade jewellery, and of course, a cigarette holder! She is as much of a darling and charming woman in person as she is in these photographs and we are very proud to work with her.

We would like to thank Miss O for her wonderful inspiration and giving us this opportunity to share the beautiful results with our readers! We hope that you enjoy this series!

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