Courage becomes her

May 28, 2019Boudoir & Lingerie

Courage becomes her

Photography is an art form we have long admired not just as an outlet of artistic expression, but also for its’ ability to carry real meaning and purpose, different to each and every one of its’ beholders. And the stories we have been so very honoured to tell through our captures are truly diverse and powerful, some of which we have even been able to share with you in this very blog.

Today, we are honoured to showcase our photographs of Ms. T., the woman who has inspired us by her courage, grace, and beauty from both within and out! Coming from a place of real, difficult change in her life, she has trusted us with celebration of her beauty, to capture her wonderful spirit and gorgeous figure! A teacher and an avid collector, she has such a lovely personality and style, bringing her spark wherever she goes, and in this case, into her photo set ups as well! In the end, we couldn’t be more grateful to have met this lovely lady and have gotten a chance to celebrate her!

She has been very kind to us, mentioning her experience: “I was diagnosed with breast cancer and wanted to do something before my surgery. I was not sure if doing this would make me too sad. These wonderful women made it one of the best days of my life. I felt comfortable. I felt safe. I felt beautiful. I will always remember this day as a day of celebration. In my heart forever.”

And without further ado, we would like to share some of the photos from this captivating photo session, that we hope will inspire you just as much as it did us!