09 Jan 2017

Classy Boudoir

In our photo studio a boudoir photoshoot is so much more than just a photography session capturing a woman wearing lingerie. First and foremost it is a unique experience aimed to give our muses confidence through a creative process celebrating femininity, beauty and womanhood. During our photoshoots we don’t just go for what is considered a “sexy” look. We explore each muse’s individual beauty and unique features that define their sensuality through the lens of our cameras, while capturing them in a sophisticated, attractive and classy way. Our beautiful muse, Miss J, was very shy and humble when she came to our studio for her boudoir photoshoot. During her photo session she gradually gained more and more confidence and let her gentle personality shine through her charming smile. We kept the outfits and sets simple for this session and focused fully on capturing our muse’s outer and inner beauty. Thank you for being our muse, Miss J!

Enjoy our selection!

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