Breaking rules

Feb 7, 2023Boudoir & Lingerie, Fine Art Nude

Breaking rules



At one point or another in our life, we’ve all probably heard it – be a lady, be nice, don’t dress too provocatively, yet also not boring, don’t be a prude, yet don’t be too forward, you are a mother you shouldn’t dress sexy but also don’t look like a nun…etc. As girls, we get an earful of what to be, with ideas at times conflicting, leaving us feeling like we could never win. And, in matters of public opinion, we all feel a little constrained sometimes, unable to make decisions that are truly us. At the studio, one of our key goals has always been liberation… Liberation from public judgment, prejudice, made-up rules, and even ourselves – for when we play dress up and experiment, try out an alter ego and wear whatever damn we please, magic happens! The kind of magic that shows us that we are boundless and really can be whatever we want, wear whatever we want, and look good in the way that makes us happy. Here, there is only safety and a group of women who are excited to explore new ideas and encourage self-expression. Makeup artists and stylists who absolutely love unique inspirations and ideas, create looks that speak to you in a special way. Here, photographers can take an idea and find all the ways to enhance it – light, angles, poses, and details can amplify the concept in mind and make it truly shine. The beauty of photography is that it can speak without any words and portray even the innermost desires. And, in the end, you choose who sees it – maybe you keep your photos private, hidden away as a kind of beautiful secret or, perhaps, you share them with your special someone, allowing him/her a glimpse into a special, hidden world within you. There are really no rules here – you write them yourself.

In the spirit of going against the rules of being nice and looking like a “good girl”, we have recently explored a very special domain of photography with one of our muses – the BDSM style. Moody, sensual, dark, and extravagant, this style is always so fun to explore in the studio – experimenting with accessories, unique lingerie styles, and a whole lot of pose variations allows this genre to be very unqiue to every muse that tries it. Our lovely muse Miss K. had a few stunning sets with her that highlighted her curves in a dramatic style. We have opted in for some gentle curls for her hair which we later wetted to create that striking and effotlessly sexy wet look. For her makeup, sultry smoky eye was achieved to further dramatize her look. Our classic set ups served as a perfect backdrop for this photo session and we are absolutely in love with the way everything has turned out!

We hope that you enjoy this amazing series with the gorgeous Miss K. and feel inspired to break a few little rules yourself this week (but tsssh you didn’t hear this from us!)… 🙂

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