Nov 17, 2021Boudoir & Lingerie




It is often said that there is a time and place for everything and perhaps it is true, but what happens when there is just no time or place left for things and, in particular, self expression that, deep inside, we truely want to explore? We often arrange our plans, outfits, and even choices on a menu with society established norms in mind, but when do we get to play dress up, wear those drop dead gorgeous heels stored at the back of the closet, and, perhaps, try ourselves out in a role of a femme fatale, one we secretly have stored away until that “time is right” moment?! Let’s face it – it is rare that such an occasion magically appears and that dust collecting on those shoes and special outfits is a testament to the fact. Sometimes, it’s not about waiting for the right time and place but, instead, making it happen – finding the time for our long awaited ideas to take shape, finding an occasion to put on those beautiful clothes, and finding the place to let out that inner bombshell.

At Kissed By Light, we have created a safe space for just that kind of special creative outlet. We create sessions that help let out that inner bombshell and encourage to experiment with creative outfits. This is the place to wear those beautiful shoes to and the place to explore even the bravest, most striking outfit ideas.

Recently, we had a wonderful pleasure of working with stunning Miss L. on her very own boudoir creative photo session at our Toronto studio.  We have long worked with Miss L. in printed product creation, but this is the first time we collaborated on a photo session of her own. And the session was absolutely amazing! Miss L’s beautiful and unique looks and wonderful personality shined through, and we just can’t get over how stunning she looks!

We hope that you enjoy this selection from our session!