16 Apr 2020

Birthday girl!


Today, there are so many wonderful ways for women to celebrate and pamper themselves: be it a simple manicure, a quality time with your favorite pastry (an evening with a box of macarons is a must on our weekly calendar), or a special trip to your favorite place on earth, the opportunities are endless. There is undoubtedly a special kind of joy found when you take time to spoil yourself, the kind that empowers and makes you stronger. And, needless to say, when it comes to birthdays, such time is not optional – it’s a must! And while there may be many ways to celebrate one’s own birthday, there is no kind of celebration we enjoy better than the one that involves a photo session and a cake, of course. Celebrating our lovely muses on their birthday is always a special occasion and we work towards making it a memorable day with pampering, styling, professional makeup, and beautiful photos to commemorate the occasion.

Recently, we had a wonderful pleasure to celebrate Miss L’s birthday, creating a boudoir session to kick off her big day! And a big day it was, since you don’t turn 40 every day! An absolutely charming beauty, Miss L took the spotlight with ease and shined throughout the whole session. We did a special little set up with a beautiful cake that she has brought and created a series of our classic set ups for her boudoir looks. We couldn’t be happier with the results and are very excited to share a little peak into Miss L’s wonderful celebration with us!



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