29 Sep 2020

Being your own star


Not long ago, the realms of professional photography, makeup, and styling were reserved solely for the stars. The icons of cinema, music, fashion, and art would shine on the photos with what seemed like unattainable beauty. Few women dared to imagine that they may possess a comparable look to that of Maria Callas or Audrey Hepburn, and look as captivating in the photos as they did. But the truth is, most such great celebrities were not born perfect or incredibly glamorous the way that we grew to recognize them. It was only through the work of photographers, multiple stylists, and entire beauty teams that their signature looks and iconic images were attained. Today, being the star of your own photoshoot is not just a possibility but a reality, one that we strive to bring to every one of our muses. With the help of some of the most talented professionals in the fields of makeup artistry, styling, and design, we work to create sessions that don’t just capture beauty but also bring out the inner star, one that we are absolutely certain everyone has within them.

Recently, we had the pleasure of creating a boudoir photo session for the lovely Miss C. She came to us to capture a series of captivating photographs, and get a little confidence boost in the process, something so many of us need once in a while. Following Miss C’s style, our team members worked together to create some stunning looks. Starting with beautiful makeup and volumptuous hairdo, we created several classic boudoir styles, featuring the timeless lingerie pieces such as garter belts, bustiers, and stockings. The photo session proved a success and we think that Miss C shines in every photo like a real star!

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