02 Oct 2012

Before & After

I am often asked whether the ladies,whom you can see in my portfolio, are all professional models? Frankly , only one or two girls they are actually professional models. I shoot fashion and I try to bring a sense of fashion into boudoir and portrait photography. So the most stunning ladies in my portfolio are just my friends and my dear clients, who give me their permission to post their photos on my website.
And you know what ? It`s so amazing to watch all the transformation that my clients go through from the moment they walk in to the very last minute of the photo session. How an ordinary person turns into someone with superstar qualities! All these magical things happen to my clients: the make-up, the hair styling and of course the amazing works of photography!
I want to share with you this wonderful experience! I would be starting a new chapter in my blog: Before and After.

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