03 Dec 2020

Becoming boudoir



Have you ever experienced this interesting sensation: when you put on a look, even one unusual to you, you seem to take on the qualities that look represents? Perhaps you’ve felt an authority of a doctor when you got to put on a white lab coat or experience pride and playfullness, when you got to wear a big and puffy, princess like dress? Well, you are not alone! There is a science behind an effect called “enclothed cognition” which, over a course of several studies, has proved that clothes have an influence on their wearer’s psychological processes! And, over the course of last 10 years, our team got an oppotunity to see its effects first hand! Women of many different walks of life suddenly take on a new mood and feeling when they don an intricate lace lingerie or a striking dress. Many a time, ladies who have never imagined themselves wearing something like stockings, a garter belt, and a pair of sky high heels, become boudoir muses just by putting them on! Needless to say, trying out a boudoir wardrobe is great fun and, even if you think that you can’t be a boudoir model, sometimes, all you need to do is put on a beautiful lingerie set and you will see yourself in a new, fun, and confident light! You may trust us – in a way, we are boudoir scientists! 🙂

Today, we would like to share with you an incredibly beautiful session we have done a little while back! Featuring an array of different looks and styles, this session takes on a unique and multifaceted character! From a tasteful nude to an elegant masked boudoir look, this photo series have a lot of boudoir inspiration!


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