Beauty of variety

Feb 25, 2022Boudoir & Lingerie, Fine Art Nude

Beauty of variety



After many years running a boudoir photography studio in Toronto, our team has had the opportunity to meet so many different, wonderful women, from various walks of life. The more we got to know them, the more we saw the great, infinite variety to each one of them: from their interests and careers to their particular tastes, no one woman is the same. As we pursue to reveal some of the multifaceted beauty within our subjects, we love to address their different sides and tastes in our photo sessions. It could be different styles, hobbies, moods, and characteristics that gradually reveal themselves in the outfits and set ups that we create together. Many of our past clients found this creative process quite fulfilling, as they prepare a variety of outfits, lingerie, and accessories that reveal their different sides: the innocent, the brave, the sporty, the femme fatale looks – the list expands and changes for everyone. And, from our experience, there is quite nothing like self expression to help empower and raise confidence!

Recently we had a great pleasure of creating a session for Miss S. Very lovely and charming, she came to us to capture a gift for her special someone, and, of course, for herself. We were very excited to put together a session that captures her different styles and moods. She picked our Femme Fatale package with 6 looks, so we had a lot of variety to work with and be creative! Inspired be her choice of outfits, we created special set ups that expanded on their theme and delved more into their style. In the end, the session turned out very beautiful with wonderful variety and personality shining through!

We hope that you enjoy the peak into this wonderful photo series!

Boudoir photo of lady in pink on a white Victorian love seat