22 Feb 2017

Beautiful Review

We wanted to share a beautiful review written by our muse, Miss M, following her boudoir photoshoot in our studio:

Working with KBL is such a wonderful, fun, and rewarding experience. The team communicates so well and so quickly – we set everything up super fast! The studio is absolutely stunning!!! Light pours into the room and floods the white space with a plethora of dreamy soft-box lighting. Daria is an angel to work with – she recommended a few poses and directed the shoot very well. I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time. Jennifer’s makeup was great – it will be heavier than you are used to, but that is because it shows up way less in the actual photos. I was a bit nervous about the finished product, as it can be difficult to like photos of yourself, but I was speechless when I saw the shots. Daria has a wonderful eye for angles and highlighting your best features. She captured some amazing moments. The editing was delicate and tasteful. No excessive airbrushing or over contrast, just enhancement of the beautiful soft lighting and your best features. I was so thrilled with the final product and can’t wait for another opportunity to work with KBL again.

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