15 Jan 2013

Agony of love

Before the New Year’s Eve we decided to do something personal and creative in our studio. Usually we do very glamorous and refined work, this time we focused on creating emotional and artistic photography which has a lot of depth and concept. As our model we chose one of our good friends of the studio and our return client, who is a large public figure  and would like to remain anonymous in our blog. We selected a few photographs from our session which do not reveal her identity.We did not expect that it would turn out to be the hottest, sexiest and most inspiring photo shoot of almost all we’ve done! Who knew that such a shy and modest but stunning woman would have so much power and sensuality in front of the camera. We were blown away by how sensual and multifaceted she can be!

Thank you for giving us a blast of warmth and energy this cold winter!

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