Age of excellence

Apr 2, 2020Boudoir & Lingerie

Age of excellence


We find that there are few things as inspiring and motivational as a woman who writes her own story and lives by her own rules! Unapologetic, strong, confident, and in charge of her own life – these are the traits many of us aspire to attain, yet they may not always come easy. As they say, life interferes and we may sometimes end up feeling less confident in our own powers. Which is why it is so important to practice self love – take care of ourselves, our bodies, and our dreams, so that we may endure any storm that comes our way. We pride ourselves in helping women regain confidence through the art of photography and, in some cases, we help celebrate a very special milestone, as was the case with the incredible Miss N, who has inspired us through her story of perseverance, reinvention, and self care.

Miss N has come to us to celebrate a fitness milestone and to create some promotional product photos for her new found passion. She co-founded a premium wellness company (HI-LO System) that promotes a new way of eating, training, sleeping, and living fully. As fellow women in business, we wanted to support Miss N’s new endeavor and share her story with you.

Miss N’s story: “By age 48, I somehow reached almost 200 lbs. I wasn’t able to walk without dragging my leg, everything hurt, and I felt unattractive. Who thought back then I’d have the self confidence to pose in front on a camera at age 50 and feel strong and sensual again. My transformation stem from a burning desire for a change, for excellence, and it built on dedication to adopt new ways of eating and moving my body. Today, I am excited to share my visual story with the world and inspire other women to revert the clock on aging, health and aesthetics…to re-discover joy”.

And now, without further ado, we would like to share with you a little peak into her beautiful boudoir and fitness session with us!