50 is the new 25!

Mar 17, 2015Boudoir & Lingerie

50 is the new 25!

Youth has no age.

Pablo Picasso

There is a very special inner strength, liberty and passion in a woman at 50 that is utterly inspiring. We are convinced that there is no better way to celebrate this fabulous golden jubilee than with a fun photoshoot celebrating femininity and beauty! Our gorgeous muse, Miss L, was exuding confidence and looked absolutely stunning during this studio photoshoot. “It was a fantasy I’ve had for many years and you made it fun and easy”, she said after the session.

We played with gorgeous sunlight in our studio that day to create these series of lingerie, as well as passionate artistic nude photographs, and the results are breathtaking!

Thank you, Miss L, for being our muse and inspiring us!