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It’s About LOVE

Our studio is very proud: three ladies got engaged  after presenting their boyfriends with imagery created by KISSED BY LIGHT (Now THAT’S the power of images!). But the most sweet story happened recently – Miko proposed to his longtime girlfriend during the couples photo shoot with us. Miko planned it ahead of time, and we were on board and played along. His girlfriend was absolutely surprised! It was so adorable and romantic, we cried a little.

Beauty Shot Series

Here is my recent fashion photography series of beauty shots. In fashion industry beauty shot is similar to portrait of a person, usually cropped no lower than a bust line that focuses of facial features of the person. Makeup and hair industry uses mainly beauty shots in their advertising campaigns. I love beauty shots as the character energy is isolated to face only, and I think it’s quite powerful.


Photography: Lora Vertue / KISSED BY LIGHT studio
Make up: Shawna Lee @Judyinc
Hair: Dat @ DAT Salon
Models: Leanne Proctor @ Elmer Olsen, Kathleen Clark @ Elite, Alex Lafarciola @ Ford


Kissed by Light