Young rose

Sep 21, 2022Commercial, Elegant Portrait, Motherhood

Young rose



As one can imagine, if there is a photographer in the family, you know that there will be a whole lot of photos captured of every family member! Mother of three beautiful children, our head photographer and founder Lora has always had a great passion for capturing her family on camera! So it is no wonder that when the children grew to be teens, they started to model for her creatives! While teenagers are notoriously hard to coax into a photo session, it is always absolutely worth it! An important time in their lives, it shows how they are becoming lovely young adults and individuals. And we often encourage our lovely muses to do portraits with their teens or gifting it to them! Not only a great confidence boost, these photos make for amazing and classy profile photos for their social networks or modeling portfolios to begin their modeling journey should they want to! And our team always has a lot of fun creating portraits with teenagers as we play with ideas, set ups, and their unique personalities!

This time, Lora has brought our team together to create a new creative with her teenage daughter Sasha! Over the years, they have captured many incredible, fantasy sessions together (see the last session here – Clara and the mouse king). Lora wanted to capture her moods and character in a very whimsical and tender setting, with lovely fashion finds and floral elements. This portrait session truly shines with its elegant editorial feel and Sasha’s modeling skills that she has now acquired over the years!

Everyone in our team has enjoyed working on this session immensely and we hope that you like the results!


Fashion portrait of young girl with flowersToronto creative portrait of young girl with flowers Toronto modeling portrait of young girl with flowers