20 Mar 2019

The spring is coming


Alright, maybe it’s not here yet… But we can already feel the changes in the air! It’s that time when everything seems to breathe anew and we can’t help but want to innovate, spending more time on all those little things we didn’t have time for in the winter months. And perhaps with these extra few hours of daytime we can now start the new hobbies we forgot about, get back to our fitness goals (that may have been on pause during the holidays…), and, of course, make a few improvements when it comes to our work.

Now when it comes to investment in the career of our dreams, there is nothing quiet like the new, bright and airy head shots to add to a personal website, a portfolio, or even an advertisement. Our wonderful muse Ms M. have got a similar idea when she came back to us to take some head shots for the new business she started. Having had the gorgeous Ms M. for her boudoir photo shoot with us previously, we were very happy to have her back for this creative portrait photo session. With her modern and bright vision in charge, this shoot immediately transported us into spring!

And while Miss M.’s boudoir photographs will remain private as per her request, we are very happy to share her beautiful portraits with you!

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