30 Jun 2020

The charm of maternity


Over the years of work and practice, one may find that any camera has a magical ability to take on different qualities. In the hands of some, its lense may reveal what is hidden. Be it the way the light falls and changes in ways unseen by the naked eye or captures the moment of fast motion. In the hands of others, it may tell a story – the right angle and position may completely transform what seems at first a simple scene into a photo that is full of feelings and even secrets. At Kissed By Light studio, photography lense delicately amplifies emotions and significance of the moments in lives of the people it captures. What was originally an intimate moment of confidence, love or happiness, with the help of a camera becomes a capture that shares its feelings proudly and vividly. A kind of capture that reveals the beauty of an individual personality and magic of the moment it was taken. This quality becomes all the more apparent when we photograph women’s pregnancy – the tenderness and beauty of emotions during this period are revealed and amplified in a very special way.

Our maternity session with beautiful Miss M has produced some incredibly delicate and captivating photos. She came to our studio to capture this special moment in her life after being referred to us by a friend. Together, we created a unique creative direction for her session and brought her ideas to life. Her kind and warm personality radiates in every shot, making each capture very special and memorable. This session proves to us, yet again, how powerfully beautiful can photos be!

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